Renfe 1 of ¿3? – Trains also stall

Railways Evidently Not Functioning Ever. I know it’s a coarseness to resort to this development of the acronym, but it’s so true.

I’ve made a selection of the last greatest moments from our railway company. There are three of them by now, but I don’t dare close the list. Do never underestimate Renfe’s overcoming ability. But let’s get to the point.

We all know that trains are electric nowadays. Or that’s what they want us to think.

Some weeks ago, when I was in the train on my way back from Barcelona after a hard day of doing non-relevant things, the lights started a funny flickering before the second stop from the last. As I didn’t hear any music, I dismissed a modernity like the fusion between music and transport (which would be a good idea, as an afterhours, for the provincial country dwellers who go to the capital at night and have a one hour trip to our bed in the morning; I said).

We get to the train station with no problems but a certain epileptic sensation. The actual problem came up at departure time. Imagine the warning beep, the gentle noise of the starting motor, a Harry Potter style flash of light and… silence and darkness.

Calm as we could be after years of misfortunes, the users called home, made new friends or just waited. I, personally, being so close to my town, considered a thirty minutes walk; maybe I would save some time.

Fortunately, after ten minutes and some more attempts we could go on with the journey. I wonder in which driving school they teach how to drive a train.


2 thoughts on “Renfe 1 of ¿3? – Trains also stall

  1. The first time I travelled with RENFE was Santiago-Donostia. The train broke down halfway and we were stuck in some God-forsaken pit in what looked like a desert (coming from a country that is green and lush from top to bottom, I have no time for the ugly, never-ending browns of Castille. If boring were a colour, it would be the colour of Burgos. Or Palencia.

    We had to get a coach the rest of the way in the end, so the trip that was forecast to last 11 hours lasted a lot longer…

    My experiences with RENFE only went downhill from there.

  2. Everybody loves Renfe.

    Today the trains were about 35 minutes late. That means that people who wanted to take the first and the second train were in the same one. If when they run on time 65% of people is standing, imagine today…

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