Sunrises and sunsets

This is an absurd subject. I hope I don’t get excessively poetical.

There are two sunrises and two sunsets that I remember particularly, though remembering the last one is not very commendable because it was yesterday morning. And I don’t need to mention that Summer town festivals’ ones don’t count.

Chronologically, I must start with a sunset in Porto two autumns ago. One of my last weeks in Lisbon I decided to make an express visit to the rest of the country. The afternoon I arrived to Porto it was too late for sightseeing, so I just went for a walk before dinner. I walked to the lighthouse and sat on a bench waiting for the imminent sunset. The special thing about that was that, for the first time, I saw the sun diving into the sea, like in the movies, and not hiding behind the mountains, like in Catalonia.


Sunset in Porto.


One year and a half later (Spring 2009) I witnessed a sunrise and a sunset the same day. After a night which I’m not sure it was romantic masqueraded as erotic or erotic masqueraded as romantic, we lied on the beach (yes, I’m using the plural) and saw the sunrise. At midday we took a two hours nap, had lunch and went back to our place, where we stayed until the sun disappeared. And I’m going to leave the story here because we all know that the nicest part is always the beginning.

The last scene, as I said, happened yesterday. It was that moment at the end of a party night in which everyone goes home in a considerable rush and split up in different directions as if they were the dragon balls after Sheron had granted a wish. An enlightened ― or lit up ― guy suggested to go to the beach and see the sunrise. Three of us were taken away by the bucolic idea.

The problem is that you must take account of who are you going with to see the sun on the beach on a fresh May morning because there can be a brute wanting to have a bath and who sweeps you into the water. Well, a brute who is decent enough and familiar enough ― maybe too much ― to undress you before. Trust me when I say I have swum in hotter waters. Maybe I should write a list of things I always see in movies and which I want to do in real life now that I can tick one of them.


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