Hotmail is not closing down

This is a message from the owner of my computer, Òscar Az Al.

It pisses me off (notice this is supposed to be quite bad) when I receive regularly an obviously fake e-mail written by somebody who learnt how to paint the background yellow and to invent reasonably realistic owner names.

This e-mail is full of nonsense like “your MSN icon will turn blue” or “your storage capacity will double” and the essential “we will delete your account”.

My anger is due not only to the pre-eminence of the foolishness which rules those around me, but to the troubles of deleting the e-mail and repressing the hatred I feel towards those who waste my time in such silly things.

Moreover, some think that “if you don’t believe it, have a look at” is the final proof of the truthfulness of those stupidities and no one bothers to check it. How can you mistrust such an argument?

Ladies and gentlemen, official companies don’t send chain-mails, they use their official e-mails, with their official graphic design and their official logos.

This means that I don’t want to receive any more of that rubbish. Don’t warn me, I’d rather take the risk and get my account deleted. I can make a new one, which I’m not giving you.

P.S.: If it’s necessary, next day I’ll write “I congratulate you for liking Garfield and Snoopy, but if you appreciate my friendship stand me a juice instead of sending the fools rainbow”.


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