Final Fantasy VII – the comic

Last Tuesday the civil servants went on a strike against the wage cuts and I didn’t go to the laboratory. I’m not a civil servant, I’m not that lucky, but I didn’t want to argue with the janitor to let me in so that I could work for six or seven hours. At the end, they say the strike didn’t affect the faculty, but how could I have known this?

I tried to make the most of my free day and take care of some business in Vilafranca. I always liked the some business concept. When somebody doesn’t want to explain what they did ― either because it’s long, because they want to keep it secret or they just did nothing and want to pretend to have a busy life ―, they can say they had some business and make a good impression. Some of my business was to tidy the shelves on the left of my desk, where I put the academic material and all my paperwork. On the right there are the shelves with the non-academic books and, by now, not written by me. You see, anything is business.

My reason for writing today is that I found something among the stack of notes from university (far smaller than the ones my classmates have). The famous Final Fantasy VII comic book I started when I was twelve and finished at twenty-three. In fact, I wrote the last word on it and bound it exactly one year, one month and one day ago.

It was born as the final project of a subject at school. As I’m extremely lazy, I decided to plagiarize FFVII, to eliminate the plot, to make a shameful artistic representation of the game, to paint it with pencil and cut the story without finishing it. I don’t know why, but the teacher liked it very much. I felt bad for leaving her with no end and I made what was supposed to be the second and last issue of the comic. But I made it worse. So I blackened the memory of the game without ceremony during three years. Then I felt remorse for this and decided to reproduce the original story. I allowed myself some adaptations and took some liberties which permitted me to do it in only 130 pages of the 176 total.

It’s funny to read the warnings list of the introduction. I warn about the bad quality of the first pages and the liberties I take. But I must quote textually the best clarification:

“We can divide FFVII fans into defendants and detractors of the naive dead girl. I won’t state my opinion.”

Obviously, I didn’t waste any chance to show it. If you want to check it, I have a copy for showing.


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