Renfe 2 of ¿4? – A transport gymkhana

Today I take up the selection of the greatest Renfe moments with a change you might have noticed: the number of stories went up to four.

Anyway, let’s focus on this week subject.

As a public company, Renfe has some cultural duties towards the citizens. And no cultural activity can compare to a gymkhana. So, not many weeks ago, when it was pouring with rain, they told us that there were no traffic between Cornellà and Hospitalet de Llobregat. It’s common knowledge that when it rains half the trains don’t run.

Resigned as we are, the users had to take the underground to Cornellà. Trains to the west started from there. After some minutes waiting in that station ― to which you must add almost thirty minutes of the underground part ― the train which had to take us home arrived.

They told the people inside the train to go to the underground and we get on it. But it was destined that the usual (not normal) train traffic take up again that very moment and they threw us out of the train so it could go on to Badalona.

― I beg your pardon? Let this train, our only choice, go west and tell those people to take the underground to Badalona.

― We are really sorry. You must understand that making you wait on the grounds that we have to follow the schedule strictly is a chance of bothering you that we can’t miss.

For some reason they get pleasure by causing misfortunes to others. And I’m not using misfortunes in a sensationalist way. Let me tell you that, following the schedule strictly, we had to see two trains leaving to Molins de Rei and Martorell in our additional waiting hour under the rain.

I have to congratulate the company for the good sense they had some years ago singing “I’m singing in the train” on that advertisement, for if you want to travel by train and it rains, you will end up like Gene Kelly.

[This post is dedicated to the extremely caring people who close their umbrella to take possession of a dry place under the tiny shelter of Cornellà train station while others without umbrella got soaked because there was no space left for them.]


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