From Lisbon with Love – Oct 3, 2008

It’s been a week since the last message. You’ll see I added some more people to the e-mail because there were some undesirable ones who were not carrying out their informer functions. It’s a pity to see how those who got so low in gossiping recover their dignity in the most inappropriate moment.

Well, let’s forget about the insignificant details (which would be you) and talk about the things that really matters (that would be me).

In a week there’s time to do plenty of things and if there’s something I can do is “plenty of things”. I already made some contacts (no, don’t need to laugh) in Lisbon and even out of it. I used these days to visit the city on foot and last Saturday I went on a trip. I took the train to Cascais, where a friend was waiting for me in a Citroën Saxo (a blue car for those who don’t know about cars). We drove through a tiny part of Portugal to Sintra. On our way there we saw the Boca do Inferno and the Cabo da Roca, which are a place where time ago many sailors died and now a night cruising place the first and the most western spot in Europe (also called the ass of the world) the last.

By the way, I must say I have a job. I was accepted as a Spanish native teacher for obvious reasons, but the school is far from home and I spend more time travelling than working. That’s why I accepted a job in a call centre. I’ll work for Salvat publishing house receiving calls of people who want to buy Disney books. I’ll have to write down the address and that’s all, I think. Of course, everything in Spanish. A man whose mother is from Valencia and on the left came to check on my Spanish and we ended up talking about Obrint Pas in Catalan…

And I’ll keep the juicy details for myself.

I don’t want to say good-bye without mentioning all those who during these days will celebrate your/their/our birthday. Forgive me for not saying all your/their/our names, but you/they/we are many people. And thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe and to the Catalan television for broadcasting Dragon Ball in Catalan and not in Portuguese (with those bad dubbing and that robotic voice for Piccolo).


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