SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants.

Although summer started last Tuesday officially, it’s already been some time being hot as El Corte Inglés wisely announces every year on April-May. Does El Corte Inglés control the seasons better than the meteorologists?

Maybe you’re thinking: “We have sussed you. You want to use SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom to talk about the beach, the bodies, getting fit for the summer…” But don’t you think I’m that vulgar (not in this aspect).

It’s true that complexes are back and so are the rushes to join a gym. Notice that people go to the gym to exercise (dressed) and not to swim in the pool (almost naked). Of course, sport is the previous step to the pool. It wouldn’t make any sense to exercise naked showing what they try to hide.

But a lot has been said about this subject. I evoke SpongeBob because of his pants.

Some weeks ago I realized I only have two pairs of short pants, which can look like square if they are ironed. Though it’s not the same squareness like SpongeBob’s pants, something nobody really cares about anyway.

Unfortunately for me, I remembered, without having checked it yet, that one of the shorts has a considerable tear where the back loses its noble name because of a ball rescue operation in last year’s summer camps. That is, it’s freaking hot in the street and I only have one pair of shorts.

It’s true that I have some Turkish-style trousers, which are as good for summer as shorts, but less versatile. You should not be too hippy in some places.

So these days I’m being forced to wear long jeans. I have a huge amount of them because a brother, a cousin and a cousin’s cousin come before me in the family clothes hereditary chain and I got a storehouse of them some time ago. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to the street market, sell some and earn some money, which I could use.

Moreover and astonishingly, I found out that I have many short-sleeved shirts, but few T-shirts. Well, I have the summer camp T-shirts, two or three from each year, but I don’t feel like being an advertising man from May to September.

So, tomorrow I’ll be in the market, if not buying some clothes, selling them.


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