Santa-Joan’s long weekend

Well, it was not an official long weekend, but many of us did as it were. Especially in the laboratory, where you couldn’t find anyone on Wednesday afternoon. This is what happens when you don’t have to clock in and out and the schedule is different every day and, most important, you plan it yourself.

I didn’t want to celebrate Sant Joan’s eve. I strongly dislike official festivities. I don’t like to celebrate a day because the calendar says so and everyone is going to do it and I can’t be the only one doing nothing. Especially if everyone is doing it; I don’t like overcrowded places, I need my living space.

The only problem of staying in is that my mother might think I want to celebrate her birthday, which is against my principles (celebrating birthdays in general, not only hers). I hope she knows me well enough not to make this mistake. Let it be clearly understood that I wished her a happy birthday. What else could I do? She left two candles telling her age in the kitchen entrance so nobody would forget it, though she invented a plausible explanation to justify their presence there.

The thing is that a friend phoned me after having dinner. A Joan, as a matter of fact. We don’t meet really often and if he wants me to be there on his day (because he loves the firecrackers, not for the saint), I can’t say no.

So we light firecrackers in front of a bar and, before finishing them all ― for he had a full bag ―, we went partying. Fortunately, the cloakroom attendants don’t smoke on duty.

When he was queuing for the cloakroom to leave his small bomb I saw a girl from the laboratory coming in. It’s funny to meet people you always see in the same place in another scene. She’s very nice. We don’t talk too much because I’m always marginalised in a laboratory apart from the group. I think I’ll go to process the data in the big laboratory from now on.

On Saturday, something similar happened. A friend asked for my presence at his place to have a little party with some friends. In that case I couldn’t refuse because today he had his last exam of the degree and he needed to take his mind off it without disabling himself to study the next morning. About that night I can only say that he showed me things he forbade me to tell.

I don’t like official festivities, but the option of an improvised party is way more important.

By the way, if you think there’s a problem in the title, it means you didn’t get it.


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