I’ve never seen Kevin Costner’s film

Last Saturday I went to Waterworld. It’s been three years since my last time in a water park, more than ten years for this one. But three summers ago I went to Aqualeón three times in a row. It was not for pleasure, I worked in three summer camps and every first day we took them there.

I was supposed to go to Illa fantasia with the French guys three weeks ago, but the bad weather and their work placement report prevented us from it. It was actually their bad time planning, not the report itself.

Yesterday, I went to Waterworld with university friends, but to celebrate a birthday (that thing I don’t like). Just getting there we bullied the birthday girl, though, and this made it worth. We were seven people and we had four 2×1. We made her look for a friend. At the end, a family adopted her and her new little brother waited in the queue with her. So sweet.

The park was smaller than I remember, probably because the last time I went there my high was half the current one and everything was proportionally bigger. Of course, there were some new water slides (which are made out of plastic in fact). There were two slides I specially liked.

One was the Funnel. We didn’t know the real name and we didn’t bother checking it. Any better thought and more commercial name they could have chosen (Wild river, Great tsunami…) would never be as descriptive as the Funnel, which I think was the name everyone in the park used. The slide was not out of common except from the fact you could feel the joints of the pieces as you went down it. It was good for the backache, to contribute to it I mean.

The fun part was at the end. There was a huge funnel where you spun because of the inertia until you fell through the hole to a pool. The best was to go first and watch at your friends at high centrifuge speed trying to fight the weird phenomenon which turns you to face the hole.

The other slide was “The two-people inflatable boats slide from there (pointing to the east with your finger)”. In this case, learning the real name would have been useful. It might be less intuitive, but it was shorter for sure. It was necessary to pint to the east because there was another two-people inflatable boats slide at the west, but it was less intense and it had a longer queue.

I’m quite terminological today. Well, I spend the whole Saturday wondering who invented the name for the watermelon. I mean, I can see the logic of water park or waterfall, but who was dim enough to take a watermelon and say “Hey, it’s like a melon, but with water!”?


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