The Pillars of the Birth – Oct 12, 2008

First of all, I want to thank you for your e-mails these days (if you sent any, go to the next paragraph, if not… do it anyway).

At last I had some decent party in Lisbon!

Everything started half a week ago, when I had dinner in a Japanese restaurant with two pseudo-friends (I mean, we had just met). After this we went to a pseudo-intellectual style bar, where a woman and a girl at the next table started a conversation with us when they heard I was Catalan. You see, the “Catalonia is not Spain” issue goes a long way. When we left, they gave me their phone number in case I needed anything; tão queridas! By the way, I hate those who go abroad and write things in a foreign language meaning: “Oh, I’m so international! I write things to show they are my usual expressions now and to show I’m super integrated and to make you turn green with envy.”

Going back to the main thing; on Friday I went out with the same people. First, a walk in the bar zone and later, a disco. It’s sad that one of the most famous discos in Lisbon only plays canned music and that the people spend hours doing the left-right move because the lack of lyrics don’t allow you to have a grope with people. But the people of Lisbon developed an extra sense to know the right moment of the musical monotony to raise their hands, shout and whistle for two short seconds and go back to the left-right move again. The disco has some good points, though. It is huge, it has a terrace and balconies and the door is a giant figure of a naked lady’s open legs made of plaster and with very little detail (thanks God).

Even so, the great party was yesterday. I met two Brazilian boys and we were supposed to go for a drink before having dinner when a friend of them phoned to tell about a birthday party for two girls they would hold out of Lisbon that same night. What was I supposed to do? Stay in Lisbon with my finger in my nose? Everybody to Alentejo! The party was held in a country house full of Brazilians of all ages. A good dinner, some dancing in the garden and some disco dancing at the end. And the pillars of the birth were my two new pseudo-friends. Was it because they are high-spirited people who enlivened the birthday party? Well, yes, but I said it because they were very tall.

Do you remember I found a job? I don’t have it any more. In fact, the day after writing the last e-mail I decided to refuse the offer because it was quite far from home and I would work just a couple hours and in Spanish. If I do this I won’t be busy all the time nor will I practise any Portuguese. I can stay at home and do the same. Well, they had offered me three jobs now, this is the third I refuse. I’m not here to work; I’m here to live in Portuguese.

I think that I’m writing too much. I try to avoid it because later I reread it and find lots of mistakes and it’s really annoying to correct everything. See you.

P.S.: Taxi drivers in Lisbon are mortally reckless; I should call a taxi more often.


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