Renfe 3 of ¿4? – The pirate ship

Playmobil ship.

Isn’t it true that Renfe, instead of trains, is a pirate ship company?

About two months ago I took the French guys to Port Aventura. The night before the trip I had dinner at their place and slept there. Next morning we took the train to Vilafranca del Penedès, where a direct friend of me was waiting with the car to give us a lift to the amusement park ― and spend the day with us, of course.

It was the French guys’ first time in our state (not national) train and I warned them before the real contact.

In Castellbisbal we could hear the first of three sentences from the dark-haired French guy, who is not really nice in the mornings and doesn’t talk until lunchtime.

― Is the train usually leaning to the side? ― he asked leaning forty degrees from vertical.

― In Castellbisbal it is ― I said ― and in Gelida it’s the same, but to the other side. It’s a check point, so you know where you are.

But it actually is the swaying of the ship going into rough waters, since immediately afterwards, the train (running on perfectly straight railways) started shaking us to and fro.

― Is this normal? ― his second sentence.

― No, it’s not, but it’s always like this.

Some minutes later we stopped in Gelida.

― This is Gelida, isn’t it? ― leaning forty degrees to the other side.

The outward journey finished with no more troubles. But returning home, alone then because I stayed at home, they lived a true pirate adventure.

In Gelida the swaying started and, after the swell, their ship got stuck into the reef of Castellbisbal. There they were, starboard sunk in the water, not knowing what to do in a foreign sea. Fortunately, a bus, I mean, a small vessel showed up and the captain ordered them to board it.

The brave and greedy pirates of the crew jumped swiftly on the vessel to get a piece of the loot (or at least a seat). They used the new vessel to get to Cornellà’s port, where a friend ship was waiting to take them home.

It’s true that I was not there and I wouldn’t be able to give so many details. But old salts have lived these adventures a thousand times.


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