The value of friendship

On Saturday I cleaned my room.

I don’t mean I never do it. But you can do a quick clean or a thorough clean. On Saturday I did the second one.

It’s been some time since I the last time I did it. I only took a cloth and dusted the visible dust lately. I mean the dust on the things and in the front part of the shelves. Not the dust behind the books, not the upper shelf’s dust ― which you can only see standing on a chair ―, not the dust at the top of the cupboard ― which cannot be seen, even on a chair.

As a general rule I only cleaned like this in the exams months. Mainly for avoiding study. I did a thorough clean, finished two or three video games, read one or two books per week… The exams months were productive indeed, for anything not related to study.

But I haven’t had an exams month since 2008.

Don’t be shocked. I had other nervous breakdown and stress moments to clean, although I’m living some very quiet months now.

Luckily, two friends from far away came home and spend a night here last weekend (one of them each day). It was a matter of decency (even if they couldn’t see what can’t be seen) to do a thorough clean. To gain inner poise, maybe.

So on Saturday I didn’t just clean, I also learned a very important thing: the true value of friendship. A real friend is someone who comes from far to make you clean your room and therefore you are able to live in a spiritually decent place for half a year more.


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