Panic and spirit in Huesca – 1 of 2

Some of you already know that some weekends ago I was unwise enough to drop by mononeuronal psychotic mad people lands, also known as Huesca. I know, I was careless, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I had to mix with the masses (and I’m not talking about the extra kilogramme someone gained) not to arouse suspicion (because I have a significant arousing record in Huesca).

Anyway, I arrived to the big city on Friday night to spend some hours playing table football in teams. According to the natural order of things, the boy controlled the attackers and the girl, the defence. Don’t need to say who did what when my blonde friend and I played together.

That night we went out as we were not supposed, for we had to be in Zaragoza at ten in the morning next day. But, to be true, it was hardly surprising if we take into account who was my host.

But let me be the centre of that night. I mean, it’s me the one writing the text.

After our route through the upper bars zone we went to the Twister, where we were provided with fluorescent fans to rule like Locomia. When we went back to the upper bars zone we entered the Fama. While the others settled at the bar, I jumped into the dance floor an became the king, since it was empty, but not for long… In the midst of the confusion (to make a pseudo-interesting introduction) the girls arrived and fell in love with my fans. The rest is history.

Next morning we woke up to discover (expectedly enough) that Blonde hadn’t checked the train or the bus timetables. To shorten (I’ve already written too much but said nothing), we get to Zaragoza at midday. Blonde, her boyfriend, her twelve year-old sister-in-law and I had to go to a friend’s place by ourselves, because the idle woman was to busy putting carrots up her nose to walk five minutes to the train station to pick up us.

We just had to turn three corners and she told us the way on the phone. Our mistake was to let Blonde take the directions because right is sometimes a relative concept. At the end, Carrots let the carrots alone for a while to go for us.


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