Òscar Wars Episode V: Winter Strikes Back – Oct 23, 2008

It was time I showed up. No, I didn’t die young, I’m not that lucky.

This is the fifth e-mail of my intergalactic trip ―even if I don’t even leave the peninsula― and you know what they say about fifth e-mails… so I don’t need to tell you.

I’m still alone at my friend’s place: her parents at Sintra’s cottage five out of seven days, she and I hardly even happen to meet at home because of our different daily routine. I guess this is life.

Well, last Saturday I had a (I almost said pleasant) surprise. Some Catalan people who were on Erasmus in Italy last year came to visit some Portuguese friends they met there and we spend some time together. Hey, almost pleasant, I was not the main reason of their trip. It’s not that I always want to be in the spotlight, but I don’t like not being in it. Even so, it was a nice gesture to tell me, it’s good to speak Catalan once a month.

Last night I changed a bit my night style. I met a full-arm-tattooed boy and a friend of him to go out. As can be expected from this kind of people, they took me to what we can define as the Death Star. I must admit I liked it, we must repeat that night.

And talking about strange people (yes, they are very nice, but let’s call a spade a spade)… Someone who meets you for a coffee and you spend sis hours together, more than five of them monopolized by you, and he still wants to meet again is not a strange person? Does he suffer from any kind of linguistic masochism? Is he trying the hearing suicide? Maybe he is already deaf? As a scientist I deduce that, whatever the language I talk quite a lot. Of course, the object of study was me, because of the spotlight thing I said before.

Another interesting object of study (the fact of writing another means I am interesting, too) is the weather. Oh, your God (greetings for him if he is reading it), how can it be so windy? And it’s even worse inside the flat. They haven’t get the concept of insulation in Portugal yet. The wind through the windows at night sounds like the phantom menace, but that was episode I and it’s been a month since I sent the first e-mail.

And that’s it.


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