St’10 – Io capitto, ma non parlo

The first destination of our summer tour was the Tuscany. This was not a thought out choice, but the result of matching the cheapest flights with the Huesca blonde days off work.

That was the first part of an improvised trip. To make it really improvised and improvisable, we booked a hostel just for the first night. We would see what would happen next.

In Pisa airport we took a train to Pisa centre ― a thirty minutes wait for a three minutes trip; we could have gone on foot. We left our bags in the hostel and went for a walk before dinner. That was the only meal in which we ate pizza and in a restaurant. The rest of the trip we ate supermarket things; youth economy requirement.

But before going to bed we had a bath in the hostel’s swimming pool under the moonlight. It’s not that we spend the money we saved by buying in supermarkets on accommodation. Some people just know how to find bargains.

Next day we went to the beach in Marina di Massa. According to the directions, there was a hostel in Pinete Street. The problem is nobody told us this street crossed several villages. So we had to crossed them all. The good thing is that the hostel had a large backyard and it was seven meters from the water.

Being close to the water was not that great though. The surface was covered with seaweed and when you went out of the water you would have some strange dark liquid ― instead of transparent ―dripping down your body.

At night, when we were going to bed, we heard some music from a close camping site. We wanted to infiltrate the party, but it ended before we got there. What a pity!

Next day we went to Florence, where we stayed for the remaining to and a half days. The most interesting thing were the night.

The first night, the blonde went to bed early ― getting old ― and I went to explore the city, determined not to sleep. After watching some night street shows, I didn’t know what to do at midnight and headed for what looked like the clubs zone. Unable to find a place where I could dance, I decided to follow a transvestite. Wherever he/she was going, there might be some party. I ended up in a music club indeed. It was full of foreigners and I made some Mexican friends, few Italian ones and got an invitation to visit Los Angeles whenever I want.

Next day we slept in the afternoon and after dinner we organised a cards game with the hostel roommates. There’s no need to say that we had more than just cards with us and the game ended in the streets.

Next morning we said goodbye. The blonde was going back home and I had someone already waiting for me in Brittany.


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