St’10 – They can’t speak English

After going through all the security obstructions, I mean, security controls, I had to look for a cash machine in the airport. I had spent all my cash in Italy and France and had only two euros and some cents left in my pocket. That’s not enough to spend four days in London and I needed pounds anyway.

When i got on the bus from Luton to London I remembered the problem about English in London. It’s a fact that all the people of the world understand each other in English, except for the Londoners. For some reason I don’t know, two people from different countries can speak English to each other, it doesn’t matter the accent. But it doesn’t work when one of them is from London. The proof is that it’s impossible to understand something as obvious as “single or return” when you buy the bus ticket.

Once in Victoria Station I started walking. I spent the evening in St. James’s Park, the Soho and Oxford Street, mainly. It was gratifying to see I remembered all the details of the city: streets, shops, bars… After a week and a half abroad I felt like home again, even in a foreign country.

I did this third part of the trip because of the Sant Boi boy. He left France before me to pick a bigger suitcase and spend two weeks in Brighton doing an English course. I spent one day and one night there with him and another girl. The best moment was at night, watching the stars. He noticed a star which was brighter than the others. After a while talking and watching the sky, he paid attention to it again. “Why is the star moving?” We saw it came closer and gain to colour lights at the sides. “Because it’s an aeroplane coming from very far away.”

I spent the rest of the days in London, walking alone or with a boy from Wolverhampton. He was a bit weird, but he had some nice gestures ― like inviting me to sleep at his place one night and make my breakfast in the morning. In fact, he was almost the only native I talked to and he can speak Catalan and Spanish. It’s not like I practised any English. On the last afternoon we went to Camden, one of my favourite London spots. That night I had to sleep in the airport, but you already know that.


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