Yesterday another summer camp finished. We said goodbye to 49 teenagers and 3 monitors.

The last day is really uncomfortable for me. It’s not that I feel sad ― though it’s a pity to know I won’t ever meet again some of the people I got along well ―, but the farewell ceremonies last to long.

I would like to live in a world where you don’t need to say goodbye when you leave. It would be so nice to open the hostel doors and hide inside the building as the parents ran to their children like predators after the prey and that’s it. If the group were actually nice we could consider waving through the window for a second.

In fact, everything should be like this. The year at school finishes, you go to the underground, bus or straight home with your classmates and just say goodbye through the window. No need for summer separation related speeches.

Or you go to a family dinner and you just wave goodbye through the window at the end when the guests go back home. No need for kisses.

Or you meet someone one night, you sleep together and next morning you leave the place like it were the daily routine, waving goodbye through the window. No need for plans, enigmas or psychosis.

Or at the end of a four years relationship, each one continues with their life, a vague goodbye through the window ― of the house, of the car…  No need for pretending to be friends.

But I want to make clear that I’m an affectionate person, but selectively.


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