Laia is such a nice girl!

Last Sunday the last summer camp started. Half of the monitors’ team changed and on Saturday ― the night we are alone in the hostel without kids ― we went to a town festival. It would be a night to celebrate the friendship with the old monitors and start one with the new ones.

As the camp is in Tremp, we went to Talarn, a village next to it.

We got dressed and had dinner in a restaurant to change and eat out. To do something with our time, we stayed in a pub while we were waiting for the bus to Talarn. The pub is not big, but it’s nicely decorated, like a forest, with trees and elfs.

Once in Talarn, we saw the typical village dance band playing hits from all time. Everybody there was under twelve or over forty, so we went to the swimming pool, where the alternative party was hold.

Alternative only meant that it was next to the pool and the music was not live. The age average was not good for us either, about nineteen. So we stayed there for a while, playing some monitors’ games in a circle on the floor ― not really discreet ― and went back to the dance band hoping that they had changed to street disco. There was no disco, but they changed to a younger and more modern group.

Next day we had to welcome forty-three new kids, so four monitors left. They had to walk to the hostel because there was no bus. Luckily, the walk is about thirty minutes only. The other four stayed longer. When we left the new band, we started waving to the cars on the road and one of them stopped. A very nice girl was at the wheel. She was from Tremp and had went back on foot so many times when she was younger that she felt bad for us and picked us up.

That’s why we got to the hostel few minutes after the first group. We are extremely grateful. We’ll always remember you, Laia.


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