All that doesn’t glitter is not Renfe

Trenitalia logo


Every Spanish person wondered sometime if there is a railway company in the world worse than Renfe. Yes, there is: Trenitalia.

The key to hate the Italian company is to arrive to the country by air, more exactly landing in Pisa. The airport is in the outskirts of the city and you need to take the train to go to the central station.

You find the first trap in the tickets machine. It’s not written anywhere, but it doesn’t give change. Well, it’s written on the side because a good Samaritan took the trouble to engrave it with the keys, but it’s hard to see it.

Then you cross angrily the whole terminal looking for an information window and at the other side you find the railway window. There you are told that this is normal in Italy, you just have to go to your destiny and ask for the change at the window there.

And what’s the point of the machine if you have to go to the window anyway? I guess they get some extra money from the people who can’t make it through the problems, because there are lots of those machines in Italy, probably in all the stations.

Moreover, after this odyssey and waiting half an hour for the train, you find that the trip is just two minutes and a half. It’s better to go on foot.

And there are other things, like the “Don’t open the windows; air-conditioned coach” sign. That is one of the biggest lies ever. You can spend the entire journey roasting and they would turn the air-conditioning on at the last stop.

And the ticket clerks are sillier than all the customer support of Renfe together.

Let’s accept it; maybe Renfe make us be late and it robs us, but at least it doesn’t lie. And I prefer to be fucked up to my face than from behind.


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