My first time



I’m going to explain my first time. I felt a little pain at first, but all went better with some saliva.

Being on summer camps you live many first times. There are lots of first menstruation, first times practising some adventure sports, first kisses… I’m talking about my first bee sting.

Last week we took the kids to Llavorsí for a rafting activity. I would like to make an uncalled-for ― but not less true ― aside to say that, being the only male monitor, I had to help all the boys to put on the neoprene suit. It’s slightly stressing to enter a changing room and hear a score of voices calling your name for fifteen minutes.

We had lunch in Sort, in the shadow on the grass. My mistake was to undervalue the danger of the wild nature in a park in the middle of the city. I put my hands back to lean my body on them and then felt a twinge in the inside part of my wrist, where emos put the plastic spoon.

I withdrew my hands and look at the wrist. I saw a red spot appear and the pain changed to a stinging. I loot at the floor and saw a bee walking. I had put my hand on it.

I put some saliva on the sting while I was going to take some mud and asking the kids if they had After Bite. Five minutes later I didn’t feel anything. I felt some discomfort one hour later and the morning after, but nothing important.

Maybe it’s because it didn’t left the sting inside, but it was not half painful than I had imagined. There’s probably more fear of the bees because of their size than people who have actually suffered the sting.


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