A fish rots from the head down

It’s funny how the success of a party is inversely proportional to the time you spend preparing it.

It’s because of the expectations, I guess. The longer you wait for something and the longer you take to prepare it, the better you think it will be and sometimes you overestimate it. Then there comes the deception. The opposite happens when you improvise something, even if it turns out to be just slightly good, it’s a great thing because you were not waiting for anything.

Let’s see some examples.

Yesterday I was supposed to be at a concert in Agramunt with the monitors of the summer camps, but we were not there. We had been talking about it for almost two weeks, we were sure we were going there. It was going to be our summer end party.

One of us, the instigator of the thing, said he was not going just four days before the concert. It was a matter of time that the rest started deserting. Even so it seemed we would resist because we were determined to go when the last kid left.

But at the end we realised that if we wanted to go we would have to wait three hours for the concert in the village and that ― after more than one month away from home without resting, with some heavy luggage and having to wait for the morning bus the day after ― was a price too high to pay.

So we decided to move the celebration to Barcelona ― closer ― but, when we got home to leave the suitcases there, we fell exhausted, head on the pillow, pride hurt, eyes closed.

My birthday in 2008 was an example of the opposite case, but I already wrote about that…


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