La Pegatina

La Pegatina.

It’s been some years since La Pegatina appeared. The first time I heard about this music band was during a dinner with some friends. At the end of the dinner, the main joke was to lick the beer labels and stick them on the other’s forehead shouting “Pegatina!” ― which means sticker. That joke lasted some weeks.

Later I started to hear some of their songs. I say hear and not listen because I’m too lazy to look for music. I’m one of those who turn on the radio or go out and listen to what they play, no matter what. I heard them for many time, but had never listened to them.

This changed this summer. One of the monitors from the summer camp was the paradigm of the Catalan rumba fan. He never missed the chance to play La Pegatina’s songs when the activities allowed some background music.

Being there, lost in the mountain, I paid more attention to the songs and the last week I even listened to them while preparing activities or resting alone. I must admit that there was an extra motivation: we were going to a concert of them when the camp finished.

And so we went. We didn’t go to the one in Agramunt, but they played in Santa Coloma de Gramenet two days later and we didn’t miss that one. We had a great time and still want some more.

Being as I am and taking in account the circles I’m in, it was a matter of time that happened. From now on I’ll try to make an effort and look for music instead of always waiting for it to come to me.


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