Renfe 5 of ¿5? – Viggo said it

The most relaxed showers all mornings are back.


That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, Renfe is back to delight us with a new chapter. And they couldn’t have done it better, for they announce it themselves.

The circulation of trains in Sant Andreu Arenal station was held up for six months in lines R3, R4 and R7. They said it was to improve the service and, moreover, it wouldn’t affect the user because there was connection with the underground. Renfe itself bothered to put up some posters to explain it.

But it did affect the user. It’s not the same to stay on the train for two stops than taking the underground to change trains. You don’t need to be sharp to see it.

This month the circulation is back to normal in the three lines and there are some funny posters announcing it. I have only seen two different ones, I don’t know if there are more. I would like to highlight the sentences they use:

Vuelven los desayunos con periódico, zumo y tostadas” (Breakfasts with newspaper, juice and toasts are back)

Vuelven las duchas más relajadas todas las mañanas” (The most relaxed showers all mornings are back)

And the heading: “Recupera tu tiempo” (Get your time back)

What time? We thought that the marvelous alternative route was a good solution. As Viggo Mortensen would say: Renfe is back con dos cojones.


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