The truth about lab coats

Today I will deny an urban myth. Scientists are not middle-aged or older, white-skinned, white-haired, flabby, short-sighted, boring people with no sex-appeal at all.

If they are that clean, someone's not working

If they are that clean, someone’s not working [source]

Well, some are, to tell the truth. But not all. I’m talking about both men and women because I like giving the whole information and it isn’t beneath my dignity to comment on both, though I am only interested in one of them.

But let’s get back to the main subject. You know that I’m doing a master in chemistry, so I have been some months walking around laboratories, my eyes on the people. It’s not that I have nothing to do. It’s that while you wait for some results or when you need to rest your eyes from the long data processing on the computer, there’s nothing better than socializing and taking advantage of the good things of the place.

An example of the falseness of the myth is Qüestram (false name for privacy protection — and I don’t know the real one). Half the department agrees that Qüestram deserves, at least, a monument. Tanned skin, fit body, deep sight and that looks like an angel with a devil inside — or the opposite, never mind.

The thing is that you get great views in the department. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, if we wear those lab coats is because there are great bodies to protect.


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