La Mercè festival of Garbagecelona 2010

Mercè is the patron of Barcelona and the city is holding the Mercè festival this weekend. That means concerts and rubbish.

Last Friday I went to the concerts in the Fòrum. I didn’t need to get there to feel the atmosphere because the metro was full of people heading for the concerts, drunk people (or people drinking). Well, there were also sober people (with the drinks for the party prepared in a plastic bag).

All those bags, bottles and glasses will be lying on the floor at the end of the night. First source of rubbish. I’m don’t criticise or blame the BYO style. It’s normal doing it when they charge three euros for a beer and a lot for any other drink.

Three groups performed that night. We missed half the first concert ― the one we were interested in ― because we were talking outside. We didn’t pay much attention to the second group either because the girls spend their time on the phone: “I can’t see you. We’re at the back, on the right, in front of the stage, but at the back, where the bar is, next to the toilets. Which amplifier are you talking about?”

We took advantage of the situation to ask for a piece of pizza. I was lucky to know one of the boys who were working there and we ate for free. It looked quite bad because I wanted to say hello and chat, but he had to work. I felt more as a scrounger than nice.

The wrapping paper ended on the floor, obviously. Second source of rubbish. Again, I’m won’t blame the consumers (I’m one of them); but the organizers. They hide a whole wall behind portable toilets, but they can’t install any container for the rubbish.

I had never heard about the third group and I got positively surprised. At that time of the night you had to focus more on avoiding the glass bottles, plastics and wrappings than on dancing. And on that drunk girl who smashed my ankle and didn’t apologise because she had her perception reduced.

And she takes us to the third kind of rubbish: vomits and drunkards themselves spread all over the floor. Once again, I have nothing against people drinking; but if you are to end up throwing up everywhere, bothering everyone and ruining the night because your friends have to take care of you: stay in.

As a result of the night, I could get to the underground without touching the floor for more than five meters. In villages we also have parties and the place stays cleaner at the end of the night ― even taking in account the proportions.


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