Vilafranca style

Musical fireworks at Espanya Square.

La Mercè festival is over and tomorrow I was supposed to write a new post, but I don’t want anyone to throw stones to my blog for not going on strike, so I’ll write today.

Last Sunday I brought some stuff to my new flat (I moved to Barcelona two weeks ago) and I went to a party after lunch. It was a multicultural party at some Indian (from India) and Philippine people to get all the people from the lab together, the old ones and the new Erasmus Mundus. They cooked typical food from their countries. Everything tasted so good.

We chatted and widened our food culture and someone said there was a musical fireworks show as a final act of the city festival in Espanya Square. Another show of this kind they did in Vilafranca many years ago came to my mind and I told the others about it. It was not a musical fireworks show but a music and fireworks show.

As I was approaching the show, I could hear La Oreja de Van Gogh. I was almost at the show spot and the song changed to a Shania Twain’s one. I thought there might be some of those unscrupulous people who open their car’s doors and share their music with the world. But no. That music came from the show itself.

I think it was not the best combination. You would expect some classical music, something without lyrics. Anyway, music and fireworks were not coordinated at all. That’s why it was a music and fireworks show and not a musical fireworks one.

We laughed about it before the show in Espanya Square. Then we were quite flabbergasted because, as I said, that was definitely “Vilafranca style”.


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