The hooligans Chorus

In the summer camps you meet lots of people. Nice people, very nice people, not so nice people and, sometimes, not nice at all people. That last case is uncommon and their members are usually parents. But I’ll make an in-depth analysis (there’s plenty of material) of the parents’ issue another time if needed.

Today I want to write about an adorable group. They were some particular kids, a mixture between freak and hippy. Freak because of the liking for video games and hippy for being typical foulard-guitar-mountain lover scouts. Maybe I should omit that these things united us.

They were both interesting and funny boys. I will always remember two special moments:

– The Chorus. They always had to sing a song one by one to get their snack. One day they asked to sing together under the name of The Chorus. One of them stepped to the front, one to the back and the rest stayed in the middle. The one at the front started directing a choir of acolytes which ended their song when the one at the back appeared unexpectedly shouting “please, please”. They rehearsed secretly in the toilets.

– The hooligans. After the last night dinner, one of the notes we read every night said: “Òscar, your fans have a surprise for you.” When I saw The Chorus stand up, I understood everything. They lined up in front of the rest and lifted their T-shirts after shouting a ―video games― password. They had my name and a sentence written on their bodies.

Since then, I live hoping for the coming of the next hippy-freaks.


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