Around the North in Eighty hours – Nov 8, 2008

 Alright, it’s not all the north, it’s only five or six cities, and it’s not eighty hours, it’s some more; but in the novel he doesn’t visit all the cities, towns and villages of the world.

I’m trying to be Willy Fògscar. No, not Willy Fòxcar. Mainly because his name was not Willy Fox in the cartoons, he was not a fox but a lion. And I will keep being a person and no cat or mouse will come with me. And I wouldn’t flirt with a panther if I was a lion, I don’t like mixing things. As Ana Botella said: “pears with pears, apples with apples”. Amen.

My plan for the next week is to go out of Lisbon a little ― I have only been in Cascais and Sintra by now ― and go see the north of the country. The original plan is: Braga (not braggart), Porto (not pothole), Aveiro (not aviator), Coimbra (not coin-op) and Leiria (not leery). Some think I won’t be able to do it, but some just don’t think at all.

The obvious question is: Who is going with you? Well, there’s no animal coming with me, there’s no person coming with me either. God will provide, as Abraham said.

But that’s only promises and you know that the only political thing in me is my surname. Let’s talk about facts.

Today I only wanted to ask how many of you have been invited for a coffee by a young 6 feet tall Brazilian model who has been on Vanity Fair and receives offers for catwalks in Milano. Oh… I guessed so. Well, everyone receives what they deserve.

To finish, let me tell you that the linguistic immersion has been a success. Last night I talked in English to an Israeli flight attendant (“waiter in a plane” he says) and I had problems with the words coming out in Portuguese and not in English. Maybe it’s not so good to lose a language to learn another one.

I’ll write next week, if I don’t get lost on the north!


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