Why do they say sex when they mean love?

Why do people have so many lexical problems?

There’s a boy from the laboratory who dumped his girlfriend to flirt with another one year ago. Since then, you can see them together all the time; they eat together, they have breaks together, they spend some time in the park lying on each other (together)… But when the word couple appears close to their names on a conversation, they deny everything as fast as an eagle. I’m not really clever, but I think that when two people spend one year together in that way with no other people in between, they are a couple.

The problem is that this is not the only case. A boy I know also found someone and they have been some weeks dating with sexual and romantic exclusivity, but they “are not a couple”. It’s perfectly understandable that they don’t make a premarital agreement at this point, but they are a couple. Call it trial mode couple, but a couple after all.

Yesterday I found yet another case. A boy told me that he had traveled to Italy very often during a period of his life to see a boy he “had an affair” with. They weren’t seeing other people either. That’s not an affair, that’s being a couple.

It’s like calling vertically challenged a short person, which sound even more offensive, cynical. It’s like the homosexual who don’t like being called gays and lesbians because they don’t like labels. Tell me who you sleep with and I’ll tell you what you are. The dictionary defines it, not me. If I say my hair is some sort of not light shade and ask my friends to describe me like this, I’m sure they will say: “Your hair is black, you pain in the ass.”


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