Photoshop project

I thought that a good way to stick to my decisions of doing things it to commit myself. But publicly.

If I think of something I want to do or to learn and just decide to devote some time to it, the intention remains an intention most of times. But if I post it here, the embarrassment and the dishonour of a possible ― and probable ― abandonment will make me serious on it. On the other hand, it will also help me to think twice before deciding I can do anything and I won’t add things to the list so fast.

Today I tell you I want to learn how to use Photoshop at an acceptable level to draw comic strips or other pictures.

Many of you know about my obsession with drawing, the hours I spent doing the Final Fantasy VII comics and other stuff. Well, since I entered the blogosphere I saw different ― and good ― webcomics and became quite jealous. And not the healthy type, but the unhealthiest. I want to do it, too. Or something similar.

Moreover, I never colour anything, it’s everything in pencil grey scale or pen lines, closer for dark colours, more separated for light ones. Using Photoshop to paint is much easier. At least it’s not so laborious and you get better results.

I have practised for two weeks and I think I can do it. But I still need to define a style because I don’t have a digitizer tablet. So, either I copy the pictures with the touch pad or I scan them with very well-defined lines and paint them.

The thing is that I commit myself to start posting pictures before the end of the month. Here you have some samples of what I have done so far. I hope you like them.

Vincent parachutes on Midgar.

Nibelheim and a chocobo.


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