The Reality Show of MB

Frozen undewear happens in MB.

The question is: What is MB? It’s just the birthday party of a boy from Sant Boi and which takes place every October in a bungalow. The egocentric initials stand for my birthday. It’s based on a different reality show each year, but there are always tasks to do and nominations. The eviction is left to the chance putting the names of the nominated housemates in a saucepan.

This was my first year in the contest. I was not the only new one, there was another girl from the laboratory. The psychological dubious hard core had four members: the Sant Boi guy (there’s a mental hospital in that city), the posh girl (but not spicy), the presenter-contestant (there’s not plenty of staff) and the euphemismable (let’s not provoke the wrath of the sexualities defenders, so trendy). There was also an adorable couple. I don’t know how they made friends with the hard core.

As it’s usual in that kind of groups, the important thing was not taking part or fight for the prize, but preventing the newcomers from getting it. Amongst the newcomers, I seemed to be the greater menace and I was the target of their plots. I always received the maximum points in nominations, but chance (they keep calling it audience) saved me again and again. I even survived the course of the posh and the euphemismable. When you are nominated with them, you’re supposed to be evicted, but I was not (I’m sorry, posh).

It was amazing to see them transformation, first when they were evicted and then every five minutes. You could see their beating on the neck vein as they tried to discredit me with the worst words they could. Worst because they where bad, but also because they were uttered in the least stylish way.

Despite their attempts, chance saved me from being evicted and made me win. They burned inside to see that I was getting closer to the prize without looking for it. That was the prize for me. No doubt I’ll put the trophy on my laboratory table, where they can see it when they drop in. I know it’s bad to obtain pleasure from other people’s pain, but in certain conditions I allow myself the pleasure.


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