They say I work in a lab

This week we got the part of the computers in the old laboratory painted. This gave me some free time away from my job. Some free time means half a week.

Last Monday was a normal working day; Tuesday was not supposed to be the same. The painters had to be there soon in the morning to paint a wall and a part of the ceiling. The boy who guides my master told me to not go to the lab because, even if they finished fast, the bad smell would remain for some hours. I do like harmful smells, but I’m an obedient boy and took a day off.

When I entered the lab on Wednesday, the painters were still there. I spend the morning correcting some papers on a corner. It was really cold because we opened the windows to avoid death by air poisoning. After having lunch, I went home because I could not work with my table and my computer on a corner under a blanket.

Thursdays and Fridays are a different thing. I’m working in a school now and I can only go to the lab on Thursday afternoon. Well, this week, my master guide was not going to be in the lab these two days. He said it was not worth going just one afternoon and be there alone after a week like this.

And that’s my week off. If I’m lucky enough, next Monday the paint will be still wet.


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