More than food

The last two weeks it has started to get cold. It’s not cold enough to shake in the street at eleven at midday, but cold enough to need an extra piece of clothes when you leave home in the morning and when you go back at the end of the day. And some days you don’t feel like taking it off and you don’t feel too hot at all.

Taking this to account and having moved to Barcelona few weeks ago, I found myself in the opposed case to June. Now I have plenty of short pants and a lack of long trousers because they are still in the Penedès. And it’s not only trousers; I also need long-sleeved T-shirts, jerseys, winter pyjamas…

So last weeks, when I go back to Vilafranca on Saturdays, I put on my summer clothes — never mind if they match or not — so I can leave them there and put on the winter ones and take them to Barcelona.

It would be easier and even more honorable (I would save some fashion comments from some cousin when he sees me arriving home) to fill a suitcase with the things I don’t want and fill it again with the things I need. But you know that I don’t carry suitcases if I can avoid it. Moreover, I always put some extra clothes in my well-known backpack.

You can imagine that, with all those clothes and food at my back, if I ever find myself in a catastrophe being in the street, I’ll be ready to run and survive for some days.


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