Faro Fantasy: The Sprint Visiting – Nov 17, 2008

Always looking for this.

People, this it coming to its end!

The trip to the north was great. I took lots of pictures for the ones who ask for them, but are not really interested in them. Maybe the best of all is the one I took watching the sunset alone. It was good to travel alone because I ran through cities in a couple of hours. In fact, I arrived to Lisbon one day before I had planned. I saved time and money ― for I’m Catalan.

But the trip to the south will be just a sprint. I had thought to visit Fare and Évora and spend one day in each place, but I’m so fast that I will do Faro-Beja-Évora in twenty-four hours. The trip to Faro will take four hours. I will take the bus at night to be there at sunrise time. I will sleep in the bus and will make the most of the day light time. I’m a genius.

I think I can open a travel agency. “Visit half Portugal in four days for only 60 euros, full board” will be my first offer.

There’s only one thing left to do. I invite you to Barcelona’s airport next Sunday 23rd at 12.10 p.m., terminal C, flight VY5113, if you want to welcome ― with banners showing your love, red carpet and limousine ― a young, attractive, nice, intelligent guy arriving from Lisbon. By the way, I will be in the same plane.


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