I can’t follow the line

Almost one month ago I committed myself to publish something made using Photoshop before November. I did it publicly to be subjected to the cruel criticism and the contempt of the public opinion in case I failed. Well, it’s been proved that either the people have little critic spirit or they don’t give a hoot. I have serious doubts, but something tells me that the second one is the right one.

The thing is that I obviously need a digitizer tablet. I can scan and paint big pictures and even some small ones if the lines are not too close to each other, but it’s not the same. The main problem is that I must use pencil or rotring scanned lines because, as I said, I can’t do it with the mouse. I can achieve some precision level with the touch pad, but I need many attempts and lots of patience and the results are inadequate.

What I mean is that I will have to wait to get some euros together for the tablet. That’s why I encourage you to freely make a one euro donation. If every reader did it, it would be enough for a decent tablet. But if you don’t bother despising me, you won’t bother giving me money. So I leave here a sample of an inadequate picture drawn with the touch pad. I hope you feel a little sorry for me and forget the crisis long enough to make a donation.

Tifa and Cloud in a FFVII scenario.


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