Monitors for money

Last week I stood in for a school dining room monitor close to the laboratory, in Sarrià. The school was not public, it was the kind of schools that wealthy people from Sarrià can afford. At this we imagine kids in uniform, religious school, Hogwarts style corridors and stiff teachers. And we are right.

I was there punctual. The secretary, who wasn’t expecting me, wrongly sent me to the dining room. There the cooks told me to go to some room along the corridor where monitors prepared the activities for the kids. The thing is that the room doesn’t exist, mainly because the monitors never prepare anything for them. Fortunately, I saw two of them when I left the dining room.

They were a boy about my age and a woman about fifty. The other fifty-year-old woman arrived five minutes later. The first woman was quite dumb and the second one was eager for power. The way they worked was a conversation between the boy and the eager ignoring the dumb. They weren’t a nice group. The conversation was based on criticising the kids and their lack of respect. They warned me about their terrible behaviour and told me to go hard on them.

When the kids arrived I saw they treated them like prisoners. They only talked to them to give them orders or scold them. They never smiled at them or have some nice words about anything. I think there was a lack of respect from the monitors and that the problem was going so hard on them. I mean, there were those four I was told they were the rudest of all; they dropped a loaf of bread when leaving the dining room and picked it up just after I said “Boys…” pointing at it. I think the problem is not them.


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