Madagoscar: Escape 2 Vilafricanca – Nov 23, 2008

Citizens from Catalonia, I’m back here!

The express trip to the south was great. In fact, I needed fewer hours than I expected. Portugal is nice, but small.

Yesterday, Saturday, I had the last celebrations. First, four rice with noodles, ham and lettuce dishes for lunch and two hamburgers for desserts. I ended fed up, indeed; but I couldn’t throw all that food away. From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. I was with those dark friends in a pub and I drunk my first beer ever there. And after a light dinner (a banana and an apple), I had a drink with the girl who lend me the room (we hadn’t gone out any night yet).

This morning, in the airport, I was close to deep depression because they changed the name of the flight and it had been delayed ten minutes and I the they’ll-say-it’s-not-my-flight-and-I’ll-have-to-stay-one-more-week thought crossed my mind. Imagine I had to spend one more week there. It would be enough to visit the whole country again and rest the seventh day! But they can’t fool a clever boy that easily. I headed for the check in as if nothing happened ― you know, whistling and looking suspiciously to the sides ―, put my luggage on the belt and asked for my boarding card. Effectively, that was my flight and nothing happened.

During the flight they lied to us. The pilot told us to fasten our seatbelts because we were approaching some turbulence. Boh! I was expecting something, but nothing came. Always promises about catastrophes and then nothing, he might be emo. I must say that I spend most of the flight sleeping; then the pilot woke me up with his false promises. I was awake the remaining twenty minutes, but I was up in the clouds. Literally. They also said that the weather in Barcelona was warm, but it was another false promise.

Once on solid ground I only needed to put aside the crowd that was there with placards while two bodyguards ― one of them with more grey hairs than two months ago ― lead me to the limousine which took me to my humble mansion, where my well-know psycho-cat received me kindly before demonstrating that he’s still a sadist.

Well, just as an information, someone already had a coffee with me this afternoon. Hurry up if you are not the ones of the placards or the girls of the coffee. You don’t want to make a bad impression after all this time.


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