We’ve got four cheeks

Today I went to the toilet in the laboratory. I’m sorry, I’m not giving any details; amuse yourself with your own residue. What I wanted to say is that I saw something I’ve seen many times before and which is pathetic: pee drops on the toilet seat. Is it necessary?

Let’s see, we’re supposed to be people of good, a few colleges who work within a limited space every day, with some moral values and with, at least, a degree or even a master or a PhD. All these don’t seem to influence at all, those who are born as pigs will die as pigs.

Just for start I wonder how they manage to wet the seat where they are supposed to be seating. But is it so difficult to have some toilet paper and blot the residues of their own urination? I think not.

Maybe they never defecate at university and don’t conceive the idea of someone needing to seat on the support of their fluids. Maybe they get some scatologico-freudian pleasure from this.

If they have a lack of ability, they should train at home. If they get some pleasure from this, they should better keep it private or else everyone should start practicing pleasure activities in public and see who goes further.

I’m thinking seriously about spending a day in front of the toilets checking the seat every time someone goes out. And when I find someone doing it, I’ll wet a paper with what I find and will rub it on their face. Better on their cheek than on mine.


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