Need some light

Pikachu preparing to discharge.

There’s a hole in front of my house. In fact, the there’s a hole two tiles wide and many tiles long just in front of my door, so, morning gymnastics are mandatory if I want to go outside. There was a couple of builders with deep voices, prominent bellies and visible bum in my street doing something that requires digging a big hole in the pavement. It would be nice for them to let people know beforehand so I could start training by jumping fences the week before, but it doesn’t actually affect me.

What would have been really nice ― and I can’t tell for sure whether it’s related, but it seems logical to think it is ― would have been to tell us there would be a blackout one day from 9 p.m. to midnight. Two days ago, I arrived home at 11 p.m. and the kitchen light was not working. I tried to switch on the lights in other rooms, but none of them would work. The fuses hadn’t blown, the cause was out there.

I couldn’t cook the dinner (we have an electric cooker), but I couldn’t solve the problem. I took two loaves of bread, ham, orange juice and a yoghurt and had a humble dinner under the window light.

The most difficult part was going to the toilet: there’s no window and I don’t have any candles. But we were blessed with new technologies. I took my mobile phone and used one hand to light the target and the other to aim. The problem is that the phone saves energy and I had to press any key every three seconds. It’s useful for a short single-handed urination, but not to put on your pyjamas and get into bed.

There happened to be a Game Boy Advanced SP next to my bed. I say “there happened to be”; it’s not like I played the first edition of Pokémon Silver and this week caught, for example, a Farfetch’d, a Jigglypuff and a Ditto. The Gameboy’s backlighting system, which doesn’t switch off every three seconds ― luckily for the players ―, allowed me to change my clothes and get into bed.

Don’t you think that the world needs to admit the good that video games are doing to the young?


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