The attack of the clones

[Note to sensitive and politically correct people: I’m not responsible for your conscience issues nor am I dealing with them if you read this.]

Last Friday I witnessed something quite absurd that seemed actually fun to me if we take in account some previous scenes. Some may think that what I’m going to explain is not funny at all; but when you are next to something special every day, it is no longer special and you treat it with the same easiness and irreverence as all the rest.

The first time a potentially tense situation involving blind people turned to something funny was in the Translation and Interpreting School. There was that blind girl. She was just another student, but with a dog and a computer with a software to read and write without seeing the screen. She was so one of us that sometimes we forgot about her characteristic.

There was that day when we were passing some photocopies and the student next to her, wanting to make it easier, handed a copy to her: “Have you got one?” The only answer was a smile and the other student blushed. Some weeks later we went to the booths for interpreting a speech and she chose a booth taken by a friend of mine. “Err, sorry. Is there a free one around here?” “I don’t know,” my friend answered, “have a look over there” she said pointing to the left. Another smile and my blushed friend let her have the booth and looked for another one.

Not long ago I meet a boy and the following day he was wearing glasses.

―You weren’t wearing glasses last time, were you?
―No, just a contact lens in the left eye; nothing in the right one.
―Can you see properly with it?
―No, I can only see 17 %, so it’s not use.
―Then you can’t see in three dimensions, can you?
―So if I move my hand like this ― moved it to and fro in front of his face ―, can you tell?

He laughed, either at me or with me, but he wasn’t angry.

Well, last Friday I was waiting for the train in Catalunya Square in Barcelona and heard some plastic rubbing the floor approaching. I saw three blind people with their sticks walking arm-in-arm. They were walking fearless and firmly straight to a girl with her back to them. Her hearing was not as good as mine and was frantically hit by the sticks like a piñata in a birthday party. The blind brigade stopped for a millisecond and she escaped terrified. Few could hold their laughter. Sometimes laughing is the best thing you can do.

Clones moving firmly.


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