Six-pix Lisbon

It is my pleasure to introduce the city of Lisbon as seen by my camera in six pictures. There are many other things there, but the camara didn’t see all what I saw.

My neighbourhood.

I lived in the upper part of the city, the newest one. I think is has nothing to do with what tourists see, but it was home to me.

Dom Pedro IV Square.

National Theatre Dona Maria II at the back. Dom Pedro IV Square was the first thing of the historic centre that I saw. In this square I bought my Portuguese telephone card and the book Os Maias by Eça de Queirós. That day some university students were demonstrating. Youngsters, always making noise.

Downtown Lisbon.

Trams downtown. There are some modern models, but I preferred to show the romantic part.

Belém Tower.

Belém Tower is a surveillance post on the coast next to the Jerónimos Monastery. Next to it you can eat pastéis de Belém, some great pastries you need to eat before leaving Lisbon.

Marquis of Pombal Square.

There’s a monument in the Marquis of Pombal Square to the marquis who rebuilt the centre of the city after the earthquake in 1755. The Square is at one end of the Liberdade Avenue, where I saw F1 cars once.

Café in Lisbon.

I can’t remember the exact location of this café, but it shows the essence of what Lisbon made me feel.

Further reading:

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