Living a Katy Perry song

Some of you already know that I’m on a long-weekend after the official long-weekend (Saturday to Wednesday) that we had in Spain last week. So on Saturday I left and I’m going back on Wednesday, because I`m worth it. And there’s something else that I’m worth and I didn’t get: hot water in the shower.

How is it possible to have hot water for only two minutes in the 21st century? OK, I could be in Big Brother, where they have those absurd rules sometimes, but I’m not. It was because of an electric boiler.

For those who haven’t met this infernal instrument, it’s a relatively large container that heats the water inside. But what happens when you need more water than its capacity? You keep taking water from it, but there’s no time for it to get hot. That’s why electric boilers are fine to do the washing up, but not to shower four people in a row; especially when you’re not the first.

That happened to me yesterday. I ran out of hot water just when I had to rinse myself, like in films. I called my host and had a talk which ended with a “my mother did it like this when she was young”. Then my host went to the kitchen to heat some water in a pot.

Like in the olden days, pouring water on me with a pot, like in Japanese films. I had to finish showering like this. Now I’m going to collect signatures for the UN to recognise that electric boilers contravene Human Rights. If this has ever happened to you as well, you can start signing below.


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