Back to Black

'Back to Black' cover.

My long-weekend is over and I’m back to work, back to the laboratory, back home, back to black. No, I’m not talking about music. I’m talking about light. Again.

On Wednesday I came back from Bilbao (where I have spent my holidays, otherwise I would have said another place; quite obvious) and put all my clothes in the washing machine. After five days out you need to do it. Then I left the flat and went to the library to keep up to date with some work. Back home I took the clothes from the washing machine and hang them in the terrace. I had dinner as usual, after it I went to my room and then that happened again: a blackout.

In fact, didn’t notice it because it was one of those half-blackouts we have here and my room wasn’t affected, but it was the only one. So one of my flatmates, who was at home, went to the fuse box moaning. There was nothing we could do, so we just went to bed hoping that the day after everything would be working as not-so-usual. And it was.

So I took a shower, had breakfast and left headed for the school to teach English to the kids with my sports bag. Why did I take my sports bag and not my famous backpack? Because yesterday I was going with the girls of the laboratory to my second trial day in a gym where you’re allowed to have one trial day ― it’s not my fault that they don’t ask for any personal information. I was hoping that the body-something lesson was not focused on legs, because mine were a bit tired after the holidays. But hope has it that sometimes you don’t get what you want.

It was quite a torture to proudly imitate the instructor while giving her a complicity assassin smile and receiving her kind sadistic smile back. When I got home I just wanted to cook my dinner and go to bed, but the half-blackout was back. Yes, I could do anything in my electricity-supplied room, but I could not cook or watch television. I played with my Nintendo DS for almost an hour until the television made that light-back-sound, then cooked my dinner and went to bed.

There are no building works in the street now, so I guess we have a problem at home. Anyway, I hope this doesn’t happen again, it’s annoying for me to live like this and you can’t be bothered with my electricity stories every two weeks. Or can you?


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