It is our language, it is who we are


Our school in Catalan now and forever.

After many years in a state that don’t miss a chance to show that they don’t want to accept us, but absorb us, the Spanish Supreme Tribunal wants to impose the use of Spanish as the school language in Catalonia.

Today I had to talk about yesterday’s department party, but there are things that are much more important, that can’t wait and make the Catalan people angry and we must say ‘enough’.

We were born in a country where we work hard to keep our culture alive and the same with our language, a minorized language. It’s shameful that Europe praises our effort and the linguistic immersion at school to promote a language while the state which fagocitates us doesn’t want this language to be official in Europe. Let’s face it, there is something going on here for a long time and this is not about money now, but about our culture.

You know I rarely talk about politics, but when they want to silence me, I speak louder. From today, the first day of the school holidays, until the lessons starts again, I’ll write only in Catalan in the Romanic version of the blog. We are and we will be Catalan people.


One thought on “It is our language, it is who we are

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