The presents I want

A different present.

Although I don’t like it and I’m not interested at all in it, it’s Christmas. Are the family meetings the thing I dislike? Well, using the privacy and secrecy that publishing on the Internet gives I’ll say that this is one of the reasons. But I can stand it. In fact, these meetings are even funny sometimes. What makes me dislike Christmas are the presents.

My problem with presents is that I’m not expressive at all when I’m given one. Even if I like it a lot and it is exactly what I wanted, I’m quite impassive. Imagine me when I was five. It was so uncomfortable to receive a gift and have to pretend I like it ―even when I did― to make grownups happy. They are supposed to make the kids happy and not the opposite.

Now you can guess my disliking is not exclusive for Christmas, but it extends to any official or unofficial event which involves presents. The fact of people being under the obligation to give me something is what makes me uneasy. Most of them give you a present because of the date, but they won’t give you something on a random day.

And that would really stimulate my expressivity. It’s much nicer when someone buys something they think you like without waiting for a certain date. I must admit that I rarely do this, but people have the idea that you have to give some present in return eventually. Then it turns to a commitment and to a tradition, gifts coming and going and spontaneity and unselfishness disappear.

Well, now you know. You can start giving me presents in random days without waiting something in return. I’m eager to start receiving them.


9 thoughts on “The presents I want

  1. I don’t get it: what’s wrong with receiving a present you like on a certain date for a certain reason? You should like it notwithstanding, lest you be a prick!! (Hope you appreciate my spontaneity ;-))

  2. The problem is not receiving presents. The problem is receiving presents from people who would never give you something unless you invited them to a birthday party or they were relatives and you broke into their flat on Christmas.

    Of course they mean it (most of them), but it’s not something they wanted to do out of the blue; it’s something they think they are supposed to do.

    (I do appreciate it. Be spontaneous whenever you want ;))

    • Then it’s simpler than you may think: *don’t* invite such people to your birthday parties! Choose your friends a bit more carefully. 😉
      As to family members, be grateful if you have them & don’t take them for granted, some day you may be missing their presence sorely without being able to do much about it.

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