Chemists in da house

I owe you the story about the Department’s Christmas party. I say I owe it because I know that you can’t stand the waiting since I mentioned it last week. Here it is.

Last Wednesday, last day of the term, the Department organized a party, though it was more like a dinner in the Department hall than a party. During the so-called party they did Secret Santa. As you can imagine, I didn’t take part of that presents exchange. At ten o’clock the older ones — those who earn lots of money — left and the young ones — who have a ridiculous grant or nothing — moved the remaining food and drinks to another room which we turned into a disco. But it was quite dull and the chemometrics and fluorescents joined in our laboratory.

We were talking and laughing when I had the need to wee. Then they remembered that one of my goals in life was to hold a rave on the window sills of the windows of the toilet. It may sound weird, but if you had been there, you would know what I mean. The party ambience and the group we were made it possible to make my dream come true. I can tick one more thing in my list of things to do before I die.

We're watching you!

When we were going back to our lab we saw the qüestrams — of the group of the legend — who were taking the food and the drinks to their lab. We told them to join us, but they said they were going home… with the food! That was outrageous! The food was for our party in the Department, not for their breakfast at home. We waited until they left to roll and drag ourselves hidden behind a litter bin to their lab like professional spies. We waited because it was pretty embarrassing when we first tried it and they were still there. We searched their lab for food, but they had taken everything. We left a message on the window written on tissues, “We know you stole the food”, and hanged their decoration snowman from the light so they would see we were not joking.

After this and some other privacy violation, we swept the floor — which we had covered with porexpan artificial snow — and left home. It was one o’clock in the morning and we were leaving the building proud of showing the world that chemists are not boring at all.


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