About this blog

A new year started ― not really impressive, every week we change from Friday to Saturday so normally ― and I wanted to use the situation to rearrange my blog. It won’t change a lot. I just commit myself to write about some topics monthly and in order instead of dropping them randomly.

These topics are: languages, books, audiovisuals ― films, video games, music ―, travels and a miscellaneous. This miscellaneous will include my doubtfully interesting daily experiences, current affairs, popular culture, random topics in general and maybe I could add some interview or collaboration eventually. But this stuff will obviously be published randomly when it is relevant ― and maybe they take the place of one of the other topics that day.

I just ask for one thing: if you read the blog, please comment. A blog without commenting readers is not a blog. This would be like writing one of those diaries, all with the same key which everybody has, but this doesn’t matter because nobody would care to read that diary.


4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Sembla que tenim interessos semblants. La idea del meu blog és fer una entrada cada dia d’aquest estil, ja sigui comentant algun fet o notícia de relativa importància o escollint altres tòpics, gustos… el que sigui. Gràcies pel comentari!


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