New Year’s Eve in the Vatican

These would be us.

Now that almost everybody has recovered from New Year’s Eve, I can talk about it. I had to make sure that all of you could read properly; you know that some people needed some days to get back to normal.

I was invited to the feast at the Vatican for the third year in a row. Not the Vatican everybody knows, none of the guests would be admitted there for we use condoms and don’t make out with whores — criminals. This Vatican is more intimate, it is in Barcelona and it has different ministries; but its parquet and delicacies can’t stand alongside the ones in Rome.

The years before I entered the Vatican I used to wait until the same night to decide what to do with little interest. But you get easily used to have someone in the kitchen for two days preparing enormous amounts of delicious food so you can stuff yourself as he shouts “You’re not eating enough!”

After the feast I changed the program of the other two years. I didn’t go out with the Vatican guests, but went to a friend’s place. That was good for me because I got ill that morning and I didn’t want to get worse. I thought that being ill my night would be bad and long, but I spend four hours at my friend’s place like they were thirty minutes.

All in all, it was a nice beginning of the new year.

Non-rhetorical question: Where did you spend your New Year’s Eve?


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