Cirque du Soleil in Barcelona

There’s a believe that builders are fat middle-aged bricklayers who just lay bricks and show the bum, but they are artists.

A not-standard builder.

We have had some building work at home. Not much, they just placed radiators. The second day of the works the builders had the street door open — to let the dust out, I guess. Having a living kitchen like the ones on television, that means that I had to have breakfast and set the washing machine at everybody’s sight. Now I know what Big Brother contestants feel.

The important thing is that I saw some ropes in the street hanging from something up the building. When I left home I saw four ropes hanging from the roof to the floor. And up there, high above, there were two builders doing nothing.

After some days hung there doing nothing I realised they couldn’t be builders and there were only two options left. Either my neighbours did some tuning to their decoration climbing Father Christmas to recoup its cost or Cirque du Soleil is advertising a new building-inspired show in an original way.

Questions: When did you have building works at home for the last time? And did you see the bum of the workers?


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