They killed Mufasa

About the passing of time, the dying legends of your youth and the generational change.

This week I saw a Disneyland Paris advertisement in a newspaper. The famous Disney castle was its background as expected, but there was something weird about the smiling characters at the front. Maybe this is not the way to say it. In fact, the weird thing were the characters themselves.

That would be us.

As a start, it was surprising to see only four figures. It was quite poor if we think about the loads of characters the company has got. But it was even more astonishing to see that they were the main characters of Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and some other of the last old-called 3D films before the current 3D films.

Where did Simba, Peter Pan, Donald Duck and the rest go? And I’ll say more: How can you advertise something by Disney without Mickey and some princess?

It looks like animation films based on hand drawings have died; now everything is computer animated. Our matt-coloured legends are being replaced by plastic-bright puppets. Girls don’t want to be princesses anymore, although many boys do want now. What will become of Disney in twenty years?

Question: What are your predictions for Disney’s future?


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